Sympile Weiser Novel Title

D. F. Klein's acclaimed satirical novel about
a tech God who's out to make a better world.
One search at a time.

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Al Weiser knows everyone's secrets. It makes it hard to have many friends. Especially once they realize the search engine founder may know what porn they like.

Sympile Weiser is a satire of the connected world where Internet users have traded their innermost secrets for minor conveniences.

SymMail, SymPhones, SymMaps, SymTube, SymDrive exist to get the public to hand over the details of their lives. But is it just about selling aspirin when "headache" is sympiled? Or does Sympile's founder, 29-year-old, tech billionaire Al Weiser, have a hidden plan to take over the world?

Funny, touching, and thought-provoking, Sympile Weiser captivates the reader from the first page until the surprising last.

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Sympile's Iconic Products

Have a Question? It's Sympile.

In 2000, Sympile was a one-person search engine run out of an apartment in the Bronx. It quickly became the first corporation with a market capitalization in excess of a trillion dollars.


In 2005, the first SymPhone overtook Murwell's M-Phone as the top seller. Today, the SymPhone 6 is this generation's must have cell phone. Rumor is that the next version will be the SymGami - the first phone that will unfold into a tablet.


The most used mapping service, SymMaps can be found on virtually every mobile device. It's traffic busting algorithm directs drivers to the fastest routes.


With hundreds of millions of views everyday, SymTube is the video service that has captured the public's imagination and attention.

The Reviews Are In!

"A brilliant satire of Google/Facebook."
"I laughed and I cried. Then smashed my phone."
"I couldn't put it down."

Read a Free Excerpt From Amazon

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